Written by Katie Hinkle | DENVER, CO | March 13th, 2019

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Colorado. However, it can also be a time of extreme temperature changes and weather patterns. This can be a big concern for homeowners. With the unpredictable weather, it can be tricky to maintain a nice outdoor space.

Most ceramic and porcelain tiles can handle the extreme winter weather. Natural stone, on the flip side, needs more care. It is more delicate than other tiles because it is much more porous. Therefore, it absorbs more during the freeze-thaw cycles. This cycle is a chemical process which is detrimental to all stone surfaces. It can cause staining and etching if they are not cared for properly. The best way to avoid any damages is by sealing the stone. Sealing prevents and protects natural stone surfaces from damaging such as staining, etching, scratching, and dulling under extreme conditions.


Picking the Right Natural Stone for the Outdoors

It is very important to know which types of stones are best for the outdoors. Checking the absorption rates is one of the most effective ways to find out if a stone is good for the outdoors. Absorption rate is a measurement of how porous a material is. The higher the absorption rate, the more likely it is to stain and damage in freezing conditions by cracking. This happens when absorbed liquids freeze and expand with the temperate.

Among the natural stones, granite is the least porous making it more resistant to freeze-thaw cycle and other extreme weather changes. Sandstone, on the other hand, is the most porous and can easily stain and crack. Sitting in the middle, travertine, limestone, and slate are moderately absorbent.

Stone Sealing Always Highly Recommended

No matter the stone, sealing is always recommended! It helps to protect it from dulling and etching due to slush, salt, and other chemicals that it may come in contact with in the outdoors. On the side, snow, dirt, and salt may get tracked inside which can also damage indoor stones as well. No matter the location, sealing stone is highly recommended.


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