Written by Katie Hinkle | Denver, CO | March 7th, 2019

Marble is a beloved material for counters in kitchens and bathrooms. What is not loved about marble countertops is the amount of cleaning and care this elegant stone needs. Marble is porous and can be damaged by spilling any acidic substances on it like wine, tomato juice, milk, lemon juice. A little splash can etch the marble and leave a permanent scar.

Here are ways to clean marble countertops.

Do not use vinegar, Windex, or bleach on marble.

All it takes is one single use of these acidic substances to eat into the marble countertops and make the surface to become dull and etched. Do not use abrasive cleaner or pads either. These products also propose a risk of scratching the marble.

What’s the secret to cleaning marble countertops?

Mild soap and hot water! Marble countertops do not need specialty cleaners. Those two products will do the trick without damaging the countertops. With a soft cloth or sponge, wipe the soapy water across the surface and dry it off. This removes the dirt but won’t heal any previous etching or stains.

You can give marble countertops some protection from stains and etching by using a spray sealant at least once a month. However, it is necessary to wipe and clean spills immediately to avoid damage. The sealant acts as a protective layer providing a little more time between cleaning spills before staining starts.

What about cleaning stains?

Mixing hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia will help get stains out of marble countertops. Do not put more than a few drops of ammonia in the mixture because it is a weak acid and will damage the countertops. If it is a paint stain, use a dull razor to carefully scrape it off. For the stains that are too stubborn to remove with household tools, calling a professional is the next best thing because they will not only fix and clean the countertop but they will leave the marble countertops with honed, matte finish.

What about fixing etching?

Marble polishing powder is a marble’s best friend. To remove etching, wet the countertop and sprinkle on the powder. Rub it around and in the troubled spot of the countertop with a soft, damp cloth or use a buffer pad on a low speed drill. Buff the marble until the etch goes away and the shine returns.

Prevention is key when it comes to marble countertops. Proper love and care can result to stunning scar-free marble countertops.


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