Paver work near Denver Center for the Performing Arts Continues to Take Shape

By Lu Aguilar - April 1, 2020

A portion of the sidewalk at the corner of 14th and Curtis near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is as an active jobsite as Brekhus begins resurfacing and waterproofing project.

Corner of 14th and Curtis

Inside the closed fence is an area where over 100 stone pavers ranging from 100-170 lbs and varying in sizes once made up the street corner sidewalk.

Each paver that was removed is going to be reused and returned back to it's original spot on the sidewalk once the resurfacing and waterproofing is complete. One by one each stone was numbered and marked to log it's location on the sidewalk.

The Brekhus team had to take each paver to a storage site located in the DCPA parking garage, a process that saw the team walk across most of the DCPA terrace numerous times.

Check out the video above to see the paver removal process!
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